Carpet Cleaning Services

Your carpets act as an air filter. Allergens, dust, pollen, dander, and skin cells (to name a few) all settle into your carpet’s fibers, and are dispersed into the air you breathe when you walk on it. Routine carpet cleanings will not only keep your carpets looking fresh, but they will keep your air clean and healthy. Clean Solutions can handle large jobs with the dirtiest of floors to small jobs in remote areas. We have solutions to clean sensitive fabric and upholstery, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and concrete. We have an IICRC trained certified technician on staff.

Quality Guarantee

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If anything was overlooked and you are not satisfied with your office cleaning, we will send our team back out at our expense to correct the problem.

Structured & Efficient

We use a structured chain of command to efficiently service and take care of all our customers. Chris & Cody (owners) are either on site or in constant communication with supervisors and staff.


We only hire the best trained and most experienced professional service people. All employees under go complete background checks prior to joining our team.

Floor Cleaning Services

Area Rug Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Vinyl Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Ceramic Tile Cleaning
Concrete Floor Cleaning
Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Cleaning Techniques

Bonnet Scrubbing
Power Nylon Brush Scrubbing
Chemical Free Hot Water
Green Chemical Cleaning
Hot Water Extraction
Biodegradable Chemical Cleaning
Dry Chemical Cleaning
Scented and Unscented Cleaning Agents
Teflon Stain Protect-ant

Carpet Cleaning Services

We have solutions for any size job and all types of flooring materials. For the toughest floor cleaning we use a 35HP Kabota Pro-Clean that can deliver dual wands with up to 3000 PSI. The trailer mount unit has the ability to run at high power to clean the dirtiest of flooring such as; carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and concrete or it can be turned down to a gentle mist for the most sensitive fabric and upholstery. Almost all hot water is removed instantaneously for a quicker dry. For the smaller or more remote jobs, we use an extremely powerful portable extractor.

Clean Solutions uses carpet rakes to realign high pile carpet so it dries vertical and does not become compacted by the cleaning process. We also recommend applying Teflon Stain Protect-ant to prolong the life of the carpet as it makes a barrier between the fabric and everyday life.

At Clean Solutions we use minimal chemicals when possible as every floor is different and so are the needs of the customer. We believe in service you can trust, and products that are safe. You can be sure if you use Clean Solutions that only the highest quality products will be used in your home or office. We have cleaning techniques for all types of flooring so you can be sure we have a solution that is right for you.

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